How to Create a Future-proof Prebuilt Gaming PC?

Can a Gaming PC literally be made future-proof? That’s the first question that should pop in the minds. Some say that expensive gaming PCs with advanced equipment lasts really long time while others say that there is nothing like a future-proof gaming PC.

The answer to the question is pretty vague and could only be addressed by defining what future-proof really means. Future-proof does not necessarily mean that it has to last till eternity. There is nothing that would remain as it is forever. In my opinion a reasonable understanding of the term ‘future-proof gaming PC’ would be that it should last a really long time without giving troubles.

The next question would be how exactly do you go about creating a future-proof gaming PC? A gaming PC is made of various components and each component can be selected to make it last longer as a unit. This blog would cover the parts that you should focus on if you want to make a future-proof gaming PC.

Needless to say that a Prebuilt budget PC would not fall into the catogory of being future-proof.

List of the components to help you build a future-proof gaming PC

The Casing

One of the most long-lasting component of the gaming PC is its casing. You need to focus on buying a casing that can support all types of CPU coolers and GPUs. One should not shy away from shedding a few extra bucks to buy a gaming PC casing that lasts really long.


In normal scenarios SSDs lasts longer but the capacity requirement would keep on changing as the time goes by. It would be wise to keep expanding the SSD every couple of years based on your requirement. For example, if you buy a SSD wit the capacity of 4TB now but end up using only 2TB in two years, then it is not a wise decision. However, if you buy a 2TB SSD now and keep upgrading as you need you can take the advantage of getting a much faster SSD in the coming years.


The CPU is one of the most important component of your gaming PC. In my opinion buying a mid-generation CPU that has a good success rate would help you in long run. I say this because five years down the line 3700X would likely be equally acceptable as 3900X because a CPU could last as long as a whole console generation. There is no point going for something that is recently launched .

The Motherboard

CPU and the motherboard go hand in hand. You need to pic a motherboard that is in sync with your CPU. If you buy the lastest chipset with in combination of a great CPU, you would be woryy-free for a very long time.


The future-proofing of RAM is very difficult since it lasts only unit your CPU is required to be upgraded. You might have to replace or extend it when you upgrade your CPU. Even if you plan to keep a few empty slots for additional RAM there is no gurantee that it would equally efficient in future.

Final Thoughts

Future-proofing a gaming PC might not be impossible and it would require proper planning of purchaing the components. I hope this blog helps you gain a valubale insing in builidng a future-proof gaming PC.