What does it take to become a family lawyer

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In today’s competitive market it is quite a daunting prospect to opt for a career in the legal field or profession. Moreover, not everyone can manage to work in the legal profession. If you are one among them who are planning to have a career in family law, then it is essential that you research the market as much as possible in order to find out how it feels and what it is really like to be a legal family advisor. You can even start by simply talking to individuals who are involved in this profession for a long period of time. Avoid talking to amateurs because they have also just entered the field and struggling to make a career in it. So, they will not be able to provide you with the exact information that you are looking forward to or which will help you to understand whether you are a fit for this legal profession or not.

Now, the question is what does it take to become a family lawyer? Well, there are three routes for becoming a solicitor, and I am going to discuss them below for your convenience:

how to become a lawyer

The non-graduate route

Again, this route is almost similar to the law graduate route, and the only difference lies in the fact that after obtaining the degree, you will have to undergo one-year Graduate Diploma in Law or CPE (Common Professional Examination)

The law graduate route

This implies to completing the law degree, which includes the one-year LPC or Legal Practice Course and finally concluding the two years training contract for completing the Professional Skills Course.

The Institute of legal executive or ILEX road

Finally, this involves passing the examination for qualifying as a chartered legal executive and then follow-up examinations for becoming certified as the fellow of the Institute of the legal executive.

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